Fort Smith Athletic Club : Frequently Asked Questions

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Does child care cost extra?
No.  If you have a family membership, daycare is provided.

Are group exercise classes part
of my membership?
Yes, group exercise classes are included as part of a membership.

How old can my child be
and still be on my membership?

Once a child reaches the age of 18, he/she must get their own membership.  The only exception is if the child is still enrolled in college.  Then, they may be on their parent's membership until they are 22.

When can I cancel my membership?
You may cancel at any time, however FSAC requires a 30-day notification
that you would like to drop.

If I drop and wish to rejoin, will I need to pay
the joining fee again?

Yes, if a membership is ever dropped, the joining fee will need to be paid again upon return.

What are the guest policies?
If you have an in-town guest, there is a $15 fee. 
They may come once per month.

Still need help?
Give us a call at 479.452.4031.


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