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Youth Beginning Program

This is an introductory program designed for young and/or beginning athletes. This program focuses on running form development, coordination, footwork, balance, acceleration and quickness.

Xcel Speed Program Levels 1-12

Levels 1-4: The first phase of XCEL Speed Training will challenge the athlete to progress in coordination, quickness, footwork, running form, lateral movement, acceleration, strength, power, low impact plyometrics and flexibility.

Levels 5-8: The second phase of XCEL Speed Training continues to build on the principles of phase one. This phase also includes medicine ball training, resistance band training and the Vertimax training system for increased velocity and jumping height.

Levels 9-12: Levels 9 through 12 will challenge the athlete with plyometrics, flexibility, medicine ball training, resistance band training, sled and parachute training and the Vertimax training system.

Xcel Xplode Levels 1-5

Levels 1-5: Each level is a six week plyometrics program which focuses on power and explosion. This program progresses from low impact training to intense plyometric training using the VertiMax® training system.

Learn more about improving velocity and vertical jumps using the Vertimax training system:

Xcel Pricing

Member Cost: $100 per month
Non-Member: $125 per month
Personal Xcel Training: $34.95 per session

Vertimax Pricing

Price Single Session: $22.50
Package of 5 sessions: $100


Mike Johnson
P: 479.926.0193

Degree in Fitness and Wellness Management
14 years experience in personal training,
strength training, fit trac and various diet exercise programs.




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